Risk Management Tool

Business analytics used to be the domain of a few select teams buried deep in some specific business functions. Today, through FedMitigate.com we bring close to federal CIOs and CFOs to identify and analysis the impacts of economic environments and performance of existing initiatives.
FedMitigate is a B2B cloud based risk management application; FedMitigate helps public sector agencies and their contractors to deploy effective risk management solution for federally funded initiatives. It is developed with OMB's* guidance exhibit 300.

We bring data and technology together to deliver unparalleled value by providing a holistic viewpoint that encapsulates the entire agency and related programs.

FedMitigate helps to establish a baseline for measuring risk across the agencies and offer clarity in identifying, viewing, understanding, and managing risk. Additionally it provides complete view to decide how likely the agencies' program or project is at risk and know whether they are meeting their goals. For more information or free trial signup please visit www.FedMitigate.com.

*The Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

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