Data Analytics

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Organizations are seeking data-driven insights to increase "Risk Intelligence" by clearly defining, understanding, and managing their appetite for and exposure to risk.
Today's increasingly complex and uncertain environment it is difficult to acquire holistic view of organization when individual tasks become the priority. Spinovation has brought data management practices to the fore by bring the disparate pieces together within the broader context of risk management and ensure data talks to the client.

Spinovation brings a comprehensive analytical tool kit to build an integrated program to drive business performance to address our client's risk and internal controls. Adding value through a customized, proactive approach including regulatory needs.

By using our data analytics solution to measure, quantify, and predict risk, decision maker can rely less on intuition and create aconsistent methodology steeped in data-driven acumens. Clients can enhance the value of data as their highest-performing asset with Spinovation's cloud-based risk management tool.

Our advanced analytics capabilities enables clearer visibility into the challenges associated with managing the many types of risk in such key areas as operations, Information technology, regulatory compliance, supply chain, finance, and ecommerce

We also customize our tool to transforms customer's data into information that drives business decisions for the diversified services industry such as financial, healthcare, insurance, mortgage and public sector.

Full Scope Assessment: A complete assessment and testing report is prepared using multifaceted model including:

  • Comprehensive analysis including Impact analysis
  • End to end testing of systems and process
  • Assess and report current performance including major vulnerabilities calculations, regulatory reporting, error reports, system feeds, financial reports)
  • Recommended process and systems enhancements in priority order of high, medium and low
  • All Inclusive assessment report
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Building Business Intelligence (BI) Capabilities: Helping organization to design and build internal BI transformation group

  • Analyze current BI capabilities and to-be strategy
  • Review current organizational change management process
  • Review current organizational communication strategy
  • Assess and test business rules and analytics
  • Help in requirements development
  • Assist in required changes to policies and procedures
  • Assist in Infrastructure development
  • Help in performance tuning

Dashboard Development: Designing, developing continuous monitoring, alert management and reporting tools.

  • Surveillance system optimization, tuning and implementation
  • Dashboard development
  • Extend operational capabilities and interfaces of existing fraud and compliance solutions and platforms
  • Key performance indicators
  • Key control monitoring
  • Management reporting
  • Client reporting

Advanced Risk and Regulatory Analytics: Supporting clients with risk reporting and analytics assessments.

  • Risk and compliance assurance
  • Quantitative assessment and testing
  • Risk remediation or mitigation
  • Upgrading risk and analytic platforms
  • Risk, data governance and integration
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring and assessment